Saturday, December 29, 2012

RIP, India's Daughter...

Do i as a girl feel safe in a place that i call my country? Can i step out of my house feeling secure? The answer is No, not only me i bet any female in my country has the same question in her mind right now. It was a shock to know that i am living in a country where there are men who are so brutal to cause such pain to a girl. My heart goes out to the 23 year old girl and her family who demised today after being brutally gang raped and assaulted on 16th December 2012. I was watching the news today where every official from our government said that they will take every step to speed up the justice process and punish the 6 men who were involved and amend laws for rape victims. Does India really need an indecent like to wake up, do we really have to sacrifice like this to bring change. What happened to her could have been any of us, it could be anyone in my family. Lets not stay silent, let not her life go to waste. Our government has to understand that they cant treat women like this, they have to take better security measures for us, and punish those men.

Its difficult to understand as to why a woman is ill treated like this in a country where we bow our heads down to goddess like Lakshmi, Durga, Kali etc. its painful to know that some men in this country just think of a woman as a sexual object. 
The Delhi Police has been going on and on about increasing safety measures for woman in the City, what i don't understand is that how do they plan to do so when their own officers are sold in Rs. 100 and I'm sure we all have bought them at some point or the other, caught for speeding offer the cops 100 bucks and they are sold. These are the men who are employed to protect us? I'm not saying that all cops are such but we have a majority of them in the system.

I am not posting this to blame anyone, I'm just sad and heart broken for what a girl who was one of us had to go through, she was brave and fought for her life after all that she went through for no fault of her's. she was a fighter and hence the name "BRAVEHEART".


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012!!!!

Can you believe this 2012 is about to end......Gosh this year did pass by so soon, Well a lot has happened good, bad, ugly. However its time to now move on to another year ahead of us, with new dreams and new hopes to look forward to. Well I just finished uploading the Christmas pics so just wanted to do a quick blog its been a while since i posted anything here....

So for Christmas i as usual went over to my sister's place, We kinda had things planned up but in her house who follows the plan!!! So as per plan we were to get up early on 25th and go to our aunts place for Lunch, but instead i got up late and we reached our aunts place at 4 pm for Lunch. Darn the scolding we got lol!!! Anyways so when we were there we were talking about the Christmas Dance that is held every year, and somehow we did plan on going there.

So we reached the Dance at around 11:30 pm and guess what non of the cousins had reached so we went back to the car and did a bit of Car-o-Bar, i am sure you know what that is lol!!! Finally everyone arrived and we went in and trust me the next 3 hours were one of the best times we have had.

Finally we came back home at around 4 i guess but i can say that this was yet again one of my most memorable Christmas!!!