Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Extended Weekend

Unlike all other weekends this one was defiantly a busy one….. Started off with Saturday morning when we went to visit the newest Daddy in town…. Sambhav one of the leaders in my office who was blessed with a baby boy on 25th May, so me and my friends Aarti first went to shop some gift for the little one. I still remember how crazy we both went when we entered Mother Care we just wanted to buy everything there. However the sales person there suggested us a set of clothing that included clothes for 0-3 months and well fitted our budget, along with that we bought a cute little toy for him.

Billing Desk @ Mother Care!!!
When we went to the Hospital we first met Sambhav and his wife Urvashi n when I saw the little one all I wanted to do was take him home with me, seriously kids are so cute…!!! I did not click any pics but I sure did get his leg shot.

Leg Shot of the Little one!!!

After that I had a pre planned movie to watch with my girls, and guess the movies name… What to expect when you’re expecting, hahahahaha what a perfect time although none of us are expecting somehow all of us got people around us who are. It was a pretty decent flick it would not come in my awesome movie list but yeah defiantly a onetime watch. 
Picture from

Sunday was spent with my sis n Sush shopping!!! And later my sis and me went for dinner to Pizza Hut and eventually got drunk there since they were serving beer!!!

My sister and me @ Pizza Hut Super Drunk by now!!!

Monday was our Town-hall basically an office party so ill be posting that on a different post but just wanna leave a pic of what I wore for the Town-hall

New Accounts Town-Hall Coming Soon!!!! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Playtime @ work....

Guess what we entered a meeting room and what we found.... lego block.... and trust me the inner kid inside me just jumped out...which normally happens all the time but this time it was kinda special.... lol.... well at that time all i could think of was.... Lets build felt like kindergarten all over again... fighting for blocks n toys lol...what a nice feeling....

Leaving you with some pics from today...

Now thats what i made....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


What a week i have been waiting for the week to get over even before it started.... trust me i have no clue why but i just want this week to get over as soon as possible. May be part of it also has to do with my paycheck... hehehe well i would be getting my paycheck by the end of this week so may be that is the reason to all this drama hahahaha well part of the reason could also be the long awaited Town-hall (office party) that is on Memorial day..... 28th may!!! well i still have no clue as to why i want this week to get over so soon these are the possible reasons i can think of  LOL...... that's it for now I'm about to start work so hoping to have a great day at work..... Peace....!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Its defiantly been a very hectic and tiring week for me..... just looking forward to sleeping all weekend, however just wanted to post something here so here u go just gt these pics from my phone....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Just wanted to dedicate this post to my mom..... Happy Mothers day Mummy.... its been 7 years since i lost her.... just wanted to tell her that i miss her each and every day of my life, and wanted to thank her for everything she has done for me. She has always supported me and been there for me. 

She passed away on October 14th 2005 due to illness, Words have never been enough to express how much i miss her. I wrote this poem for her... 

Thank u so much Maa.... for everything you you have done for me.... Love you loads...

Mom & Me

I sit here today
Thinking to write about you
No matter what I think
No matter what I say
There’s nothing that can complete you

Cause you’re the one lady
God sent only for me
You went through pain
So that I could gain
“Gain my life”

You gave me birth
Made me what I am
You loved me
Taught me to love
And live my dreams

I think it’s too late
But I guess its fate
As I sit by your grave
You are what I crave

I think what I did wrong
That god had to punish me so strong
I can’t be brave
Sitting by your grave
Cause you’re my world
My past present and future

And today by your grave
I make a wish
In this life and the rest
God chooses you to be my mother
Cause you’re the best
And deep down in my heart
I’m proud to be your daughter

For once you come back
I’m ready to do anything
Because it’s your love I lack
And you I miss

I come back home
Wishing I wasn’t alone
That you waited for me

As I sit by your grave today
It’s you and only you I crave.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Walt Disney Wonders

Wow!!! When I got back home and switched on the TV I saw Aladdin playing on star movies. I just could not stop myself from watching it even though I was dead sleepy, its just that these Walt Disney flicks are so close to my heart. Me and I'm sure many of us have grew up watching and reading these fairy tales - Aladdin, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Little Mermaid and so on.

Every little girl back then wanted to be a princess at least once in their childhood. Well all these fairy tales have always thought us...... no matter what happens , no matter how many troubles come by in the end it would always end happily and they will live happily ever after........

As I end this post just leaving you with a few pictures of those fond memories of our childhood......

Pictures courtesy Google.

Here are some pics of my niece Keleesha. The cutest little angel.... and sometimes an imp for good.... she is 6years and means the world to me....

On her 6th Birthday....

Snorting away to glory

Kelly with me!!
Christmas 2011

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Well what Can i say it was an amazing weekend spent.... Started with Friday night.... when we went for a Party with our bosses... to celebrate our victory.... no doubt had load of fun... Danced all night.

On Saturday i had planned to watch a movie with Yatin a friend from work, We watched Vicky Donor it was a pretty nice and funny movie after the movie YD n i went to Zara to pick some clothes for him n later stopped for dinner. For dinner we went to an Italian place in Select City Walk. The food their was pretty decent however we sat @ a very wrong table. Our table was located next to the exit and one could view everything outside and the entire dinner YD was at his best... passing comments (funny ones) hehehehe overall i had a good Saturday with him.

Then on Sunday morning i wanted to have some South India breakfast so i check with a friend who stays nearby if he would be interested, My lucky day we went for breakfast to Sarvana Bhawan. Now this place has the best South Indian food one can find around Delhi. After breakfast we went for a movie and some beer...

Overall i can say i defiantly had a great weekend.

PS: find the pics below.... 

Just before the Party 
@ the party ..... aarti n me

Shopping @ Zara with YD

Friday, May 4, 2012

A wonderful morning... it defiantly was although i could not enjoy much of it cause i was sleepy after i came back from work but i still managed to get the most out of it... :)

The sun hiding behind this tree!!!

 trust me i cant remember the name of these flowers but they surely are pretty!!!

And thats me on my way home.... huh!!! too tired lol