Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Extended Weekend

Unlike all other weekends this one was defiantly a busy one….. Started off with Saturday morning when we went to visit the newest Daddy in town…. Sambhav one of the leaders in my office who was blessed with a baby boy on 25th May, so me and my friends Aarti first went to shop some gift for the little one. I still remember how crazy we both went when we entered Mother Care we just wanted to buy everything there. However the sales person there suggested us a set of clothing that included clothes for 0-3 months and well fitted our budget, along with that we bought a cute little toy for him.

Billing Desk @ Mother Care!!!
When we went to the Hospital we first met Sambhav and his wife Urvashi n when I saw the little one all I wanted to do was take him home with me, seriously kids are so cute…!!! I did not click any pics but I sure did get his leg shot.

Leg Shot of the Little one!!!

After that I had a pre planned movie to watch with my girls, and guess the movies name… What to expect when you’re expecting, hahahahaha what a perfect time although none of us are expecting somehow all of us got people around us who are. It was a pretty decent flick it would not come in my awesome movie list but yeah defiantly a onetime watch. 
Picture from

Sunday was spent with my sis n Sush shopping!!! And later my sis and me went for dinner to Pizza Hut and eventually got drunk there since they were serving beer!!!

My sister and me @ Pizza Hut Super Drunk by now!!!

Monday was our Town-hall basically an office party so ill be posting that on a different post but just wanna leave a pic of what I wore for the Town-hall

New Accounts Town-Hall Coming Soon!!!! 

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