Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Just wanted to dedicate this post to my mom..... Happy Mothers day Mummy.... its been 7 years since i lost her.... just wanted to tell her that i miss her each and every day of my life, and wanted to thank her for everything she has done for me. She has always supported me and been there for me. 

She passed away on October 14th 2005 due to illness, Words have never been enough to express how much i miss her. I wrote this poem for her... 

Thank u so much Maa.... for everything you you have done for me.... Love you loads...

Mom & Me

I sit here today
Thinking to write about you
No matter what I think
No matter what I say
There’s nothing that can complete you

Cause you’re the one lady
God sent only for me
You went through pain
So that I could gain
“Gain my life”

You gave me birth
Made me what I am
You loved me
Taught me to love
And live my dreams

I think it’s too late
But I guess its fate
As I sit by your grave
You are what I crave

I think what I did wrong
That god had to punish me so strong
I can’t be brave
Sitting by your grave
Cause you’re my world
My past present and future

And today by your grave
I make a wish
In this life and the rest
God chooses you to be my mother
Cause you’re the best
And deep down in my heart
I’m proud to be your daughter

For once you come back
I’m ready to do anything
Because it’s your love I lack
And you I miss

I come back home
Wishing I wasn’t alone
That you waited for me

As I sit by your grave today
It’s you and only you I crave.