Monday, November 12, 2012

Kelly's Birthday Picnic.....

So finally today was Sunday and as mentioned on the previous post it was Kelly's birthday picnic, so we all gathered at Nehru park, now the fun part about this park is that we have been going there since we were kids. I don't remember the number of picnics we have had in that park.... lol.... so as always our host was late and like every year i want to be at her party or even as a GUEST but i always end up being a HOST.... anyways i guess i enjoy it so can't complain.... hehehehe So most of the cousins were there and was alot of fun and we also witnessed Kelly go through SCS (Single Child Syndrome) hahaha well she was just jealous coz there was a cute little boy who was getting some attention. Now i know it cause i have gone through this, all my cousins have siblings but i was the only one who was a single child and i hated it when i was not the center of attention. So here are some pics from today!!!! Must say had alot of FUN!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kelly's Birthday!!!

That's the Invitation i designed!!!!

Its Kelly's Birthday today.....!!! OMG it hard to believe that my little angel is turning 7 today, honestly it feels like yesterday when my sister was blessed with a cute little angel. She is very dear to me and is a very important part of my life. I just pray that all her wishes come true and may the almighty god shower all his blessings upon her. Well since its a weekday my sister decided to celebrate her birthday on Sunday when all family members are available. So on sunday i guess she has planned a picnic like old days....just cant wait for it lol!!! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Team Captain...!!!!!

I have no clue what kind of emotions I am going through right now.........I have a set of mixed emotions or I must say that i don't know how to react..... So although i knew it from Wednesday as i did receive an email from the manger regarding a write up about me, but i obviously could not react as i had to be discreet till the Organizational Announcement came out. However ever since the email has come out i have no clue how to react hahahaha.... well i guess I've just not been able to digest the fact and hopefully eventually I would get use to my new position at work :).
I just wanted to write this quick post as I just wanted to thank everyone who has been a part of all those Crazy times when i went totally out of control, confused and crazy!!! All my friends who stood with me during all the rejections i got in the past and I am pretty sure i don't have to mention their names as I am sure they know I'm talking about them. Thank you guys for all the support and encouragement you gave me and specially thank you for all those long talk we had, my tears that you guys had to bear. 
I just want to say that I Love You guys and am so Blessed to have you all in my life.