Monday, November 12, 2012

Kelly's Birthday Picnic.....

So finally today was Sunday and as mentioned on the previous post it was Kelly's birthday picnic, so we all gathered at Nehru park, now the fun part about this park is that we have been going there since we were kids. I don't remember the number of picnics we have had in that park.... lol.... so as always our host was late and like every year i want to be at her party or even as a GUEST but i always end up being a HOST.... anyways i guess i enjoy it so can't complain.... hehehehe So most of the cousins were there and was alot of fun and we also witnessed Kelly go through SCS (Single Child Syndrome) hahaha well she was just jealous coz there was a cute little boy who was getting some attention. Now i know it cause i have gone through this, all my cousins have siblings but i was the only one who was a single child and i hated it when i was not the center of attention. So here are some pics from today!!!! Must say had alot of FUN!!!!

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