Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random thoughts....

This is weird they say "if you love someone set them free if they return their yours if they don't they were never your own". What if someone sets you free and you realize their worth after they have moved on or probably found someone who gives them the love and respect you were once suppose to give. Not to be harsh but how long should one wait for someone? I guess practically speaking 'Eternity' is plain simple stupid, who are we kidding in today's world who would wait for one person forever.
One of my friends got married to her high-school boyfriend who she had dated almost 6 years before they got married. Like all other couples they also had their share of problems, however over the years the problem increased to an extend that they lived under the same roof not as a couple but just to show others. She did everything possible to save her marriage, even counseling. Some how he always suspected that she is dating someone, to make him believe that this is not true she went to an extend that she tagged him along where ever she went so that he could witness what she did, still nothing worked worked out. Finally after 9 years of fights and domestic violence she gave up and moved out of the house and filed a divorce. For 9 years this guy assaulted her mentally n physically. When I asked her if she was insane to bare all this crap for so long, her reply amazed me, she said she was simply in love with him. She eventually got a divorce and moved on in life.
After a few years she a met another guy who treats her like a princess, loves her takes care of her and now the husband comes back and says he is sorry and what's her back in his life... Is this really fair to her for what all he has put her trough does he even deserve to stand in front of her. Sometimes I think people just take their partners for granted and when they realize their worth its just to late. One should always appreciate the person who loves you and give unconditional love to them.

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