Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Baking Addiction

So recently I have been inclined towards Baking, honestly I have been addicted to it, many of my friends stated that cooking is a very good way to relax and unwind their stress. Being me I never really believed it cause for me I am a very ‘Ready to cook’ kind of person LOL. So the first thing I tried was Banana Bread which is one of my favorites and my mum use to bake the best Banana Bread ever. Since it was my first attempt at independent baking it did not rise to well but the feedback got about the taste was very positive.

Banana Bread

Next I tried a Simple Vanilla Cake, the rise and taste both were perfect, however I think I kept it in the oven for some extra minutes hence the top was too brown.

After that I thought of trying some Muffins my first attempt was trying Banana Muffins and to my shock they were just beautiful with great texture and taste I also tried to make some Chocolate Muffins which were also Yummy. Soon after that I tried my hands on Apple Cinnamon Muffins and like my friends said they were splendid.

Once I got the hang of cakes and muffins I wanted to try some Cinnamon Rolls, and wow I was impressed when the Cinnamon roses came out of the oven.

Cinnamon Roses

Looking forward to baking more, honestly it really unwinds all my stress and is very relaxing.

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