Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Finora.... (so far)

It has been ages since I last posted anything here… well a lot of things have happened since, I just want to thank Godd and my Parents for everything that has happened in the last 6 months. To start with as much as I thought that this year is going to be a heavy one on me it was not thankfully. Well there was a lot of conflict at work that I was facing due to unnecessary politics, and as far I know myself I don’t understand politics hence I don’t indulge in it. However I was shocked to come across so many people who get some kind of statistic pleasure by indulging into such stuff, weird I must say. Now when I wrote this the first thing that came in my mind was “don’t I gossip?” “Don’t I talk behind someone’s back?”. The honest answer to that is “Yes I do” however it’s just for that moment, just for fun; however I realized that some of these people did it every single minute of the day. I mean am I so important to you that you talk about me and my life all the time. Honestly I pity them. Anyways coming back to the point, so almost the entire year till September was spent dodging such good for nothing morons. Trust me as easy as it sounds it’s not easy dealing with such people. They tend to get into your nerves my friends and family noticed that I had become rude, insensitive and sometimes negative.

But that is all past now and as all my friends know I got promoted in September and became a Band 30, it was the best birthday gift I got. More than anything else I am just glad that I moved away from any and every kind of negativity. Life has been one hell of a ride “LOL”.

Moving forward I celebrated Diwali at Nalini’s place was fun since it was over the weekend it was good 3 days of fun at her place.

And another thing that I have been really excited about is that I have started Baking, I enjoy baking to the core it is so relaxing and goodJ.

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