Sunday, April 28, 2013

Knowing our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS......

This is something we all learnt in Civics in class 6..... there are set of rights that each individual in this country should know and use. These are Civil Liberties that guaranty  that all Indians live their lives in peace and harmony. These rights applies to each citizen of this country and i believe each one should be aware of these right and fight for these rights irrespective of race, place of birth, religion, caste, creed, color or gender.
Its sad to know that most people in my country are not even aware of their rights, they are exploited due to unawareness and how do we increase awareness its simple by educating our future generations. Every child has the right to education. I was impressive to know that our literacy rate increased from 65.38% to 74% in 2011 however we still need to work on the rest 26% that is still illiterate..

It is our duty as the young minds of India to initiate, volunteer and work towards the change. One thing that i came across a few days ago was a similar initiative call Teach for India. Teach For India believes that it will take a movement of leaders with the idealism, belief, skills and commitment to actualize this vision. They are committed to finding, developing and supporting India’s brightest, most promising leaders for this to happen. This was defiantly very interesting..... although i would not be able to volunteer for this initiative but would defiantly want to be a part of it through as a contribution which I can afford.

It is very important for us to understand our Rights and Duties, as an Indian i feel that each and every citizen is responsible to bring that change that every country needs. Like they say Every country is not Perfect, We make it Perfect.

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