Monday, April 1, 2013

New Apartment.....

Its been so long since i last updated my blog, well honestly alot has happened since, but majorly i have been busy with work, honestly its funny how my work has kept me busy but still there are times i look forward to going back to office strange in it. Well apart from that i just moved into a new apartment this was is for sure bigger that the last one i mean the old house was more of an studio apartment all i had was one room a kitchen and a bathroom. However the new house is slightly bigger in terms of space and rent, trust me when i say that im am now paying double the amount of rent in this house than what i payed in the old house. Anyways all that does not matter, what matters is that im happy and i like this place. Although i have not yet furnished the house that much yet but i have in mind many DIY projects in mind which i plan to do in the next few months as for now im just gonna relax and plan stuff.

If you have any DIY idea's please do share via Comments.... 

Thank You


  1. When furnishing look for function over fashion

    1. Wow that's intelligent.... thanks im planing of doing some DIY projects for the how so will keep this in mind... :)