Monday, April 8, 2013

King Khan!!!

King Khan..... that's a name that is recognized by over a billion people across the globe, no doubt the man carries this name pretty well. Shahrukh Khan is not just a name he is a legend, in true manner King of Indian cinema. He is a extra ordinary actor, an icon of success, a loving husband and an amazing father.

For me the fascination started when i saw Baazigar way back in 1993 i was a 5 year old kid who had no interest in movies or actors, however Shahrukh just did not go out of my mind, I guess that was just the beginning after that i have watch every movie that has started him, some have been below expectation and most have lived up to his Brand name SRK!!! I honestly cant say that I am obsessed with SRK with all due respect to people who are obsessed with him i know i am no where in that race I simply adore him for what he is. His Stardom has never got him off the ground, i feel that he is a very humble person.

People say that he cant act or he has a single track style of acting... but i believe that he is not just an Actor he is a performer, i mean the name Shahrukh Khan sells not only in India its all over the world woman as well as men go crazy hearing his name.

I believe he is an inspiration for many people including me he started from the scratch i saw this in one of his documentary where he said that when he came to Bombay he only had Fifteen Thousand Rupees that he had earned from working in Fauji and Circus. The journey from being a Delhi boy to the King of romance is commendable and no one has the right to Judge him on any grounds.

I recently watched Jab tak hai jaan, and My god what can i say he stole my heart all over again. The Major Samar Anand look was killer i simply loved and and no doubt the movie was amazing. Also a i was a little nostalgic towards the movie as it was Yash Chopra's last movie. As always after i watched the movie i waited for the DVD to release for my SRK collection and i can proudly say i have all his movies in DVD's so that i can watch them when i want.
Last but not the least SRK is not just a name its a Brand people look up to.... Love you Shahrukh....!!!

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