Monday, April 22, 2013

Daughter of India "Being Raped"

Yet another girl goes through the pain of getting Raped by 2 Spineless Bastards, Daughters of india are neither safe in their Mothers womb nor are they safe out side. The irony here is that this time its a 5 year old innocent girl who is fighting with her life. You know when Nirbhaya was raped on Dec 16th (May her soul rest in Peace) Some men in my country said " women today dress inappropriately which is provoking", My question to them is.... What provoking clothes did that little girl wear to go through such pain. 

Child Abuse is such a sensitive issue, according to Delhi Police this was the 5th case of Child abuse this month, not only that from January 1st till March 31st there were 393 cases reported in Delhi itself leave apart the entire country. In another report from UNICEF is state that over 7,200 children are Raped every year in India, in 2011 itself 30,000 crimes against children were reported and many cases go unreported. How can anyone feel safe in such situation. 
Its painful to know about such things happening in my city, The city i call my home, the city I love, now is becoming a nightmare for everyone. The so called Delhi Police is filled with a bunch of corrupt officers. The men who have been assigned to protect us are the ones who are bribing the little girls parents so that they don't report the incident. On the other hand we have the ACP who Slapped one of the lady protesters. I mean what does he think he is, who gave him the right to raise his hands on a woman.
It really is disheartening to see such things happen in my Own country. This brutality would only stop when each little boy is taught to respect woman and gender equality. Every mother should make it a point that all her children are educated and there is no difference between her Sons and Daughters. The change has to be from within, Like they say Charity begins at home similarly, A Change within today Changes the society tomorrow and we need to work towards a better tomorrow.

For now I just want to pray for the Little girl, May she get justice and those 2 men be punished as severely as possible.

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