Saturday, October 6, 2012

Just a Thought.. Cont...

So i have been really thinking a lot about whats been happening around here and trust me i am like super confused..... on one hand I have this really nice guy (Guy A) who says he loves me and is think of a long term relationship with me and on the other hand there is the guy (Guy B) i like, he says he loves me more than i can imagine  however at same time is not planing to settle down soon. Which i know means that he clearly is not looking forward to a long term thing. So this has been really a battle for me to choose who i want be with.
So here is the thing u know for years i have been alone as i lost my parents when i was 16, was in a relationship with a guy for 3 years and we broke up 2 years back when he got married, and since then i had closed my self to any possibilities of being involved with a guy. Last year when i was at my brothers wedding i met Guy B who is also my brothers best friends we liked each other and eventually met again and talked over the phone.... although he is 28years but still seems confused in life and not sure of what he wants to do... he says that he likes me a lot and cares for me and considers me as one of his closest friends. Honestly that is not enough i want more.
Now like i wrote about Guy A in my last post he is the kinda guy every girl wants.... he talks the talk makes the moves and so on. He says that he is in this forever and wants to spend his life with me, grow old with me, have a family with me. Sometimes he seems like a guy right out of a Mills & Boon Novel hahahaha. I just love the way he treats me.
However the battle here is between my Heart and Brain.... My Brain says that Guy A is the best for you and my Heart supports Guy B. I just hope this confusion  comes to an end soon.

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