Thursday, October 11, 2012

Life is a Mess!!!!

So i have been wanting to write about some things that have been revolving my mind lately.... to be honest i have no clue what has been troubling me since the last few days..... is it the stress at work, stress in my personal life or is it the stress in my friend's life that has been kept me occupied. 
Well to talk about it work stress...... there is so much i don't even know where to start with...... so if i just keep it short and simple its been a roller coaster ride all through the month.... i applied for a job posting and there are no results on it i am dying out of curiosity and honestly well work has just been busy with the constant tussles and cold wars from here and there and trust me there are more but no point mentioning them here.
Now to talk about my personal life it as always has been a mess well as usual i should say..... to be honest i am use to it now i guess, cause anytime my life is smooth and stress free i kind of get nervous thinking i fudged up somewhere LOL!!!! So i have this huge To-Do list that i have been trying to complete since i the last 3 months and guess what i have not even started on it, the icing on the cake is that i have to complete all this before Christmas and UGH!!! i have no clue how to work on it. Its been crazy this year i have never been so stressed from work somehow this time i am unable to balance out the time between work and home....

So the conclusion to this mess is that my Work-Life Balance sucks and i better do something about this soon..... or else who knows right now i am 3 months behind scheduled soon i might just be a year behind schedule LOL!!! Honestly i so don't want that to happen. I guess a little focus would help but have no clue how to do that....(any and all suggestions are welcome).

**Please comment below to to get me out of this misery, who know something might just work out.**

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