Friday, October 5, 2012

Just a thought!!

Here i go again..... well call me a wimp but honestly i don't care what anyone thinks of me as of now, well your probably thinking what I'm talking about..... well here is the deal i think i met someone in the recent past and has gotten into my system. Now I'm kinda scared... lol!!! Well see for normal people this is good its magic.... but the kinda guys i have dated in the past the whole relationship thing is kinda scares for me....I've probably ended up getting hurt by a man more than i have bruised or broke my bone. I know what everyone says that not all 5 fingers are the same but aren't we forgetting something here..... all 5 are fingers different shapes and sizes but they all are fingers at the end of the day. i guess I'm sounding more like a person who hates men but that is so not true..... i kinda prefer male friends that female friends, i must say i have had best of friends who were guys. So cutting this out here my story....

So i guess it was a month back a boring Sunday night well i had a sleepless night and had no clue what to do.... so like anyone else would do i decided to utilize the Internet (trust me Internet is god for me true life savers) i went online and logged on to my Gtalk, now that's something i had not done in a long long time. So going through my online list i saw this guy i had added may 2 years ago and pinged him "Hey". Well certainly disappointed i got no response and i started chatting with other online friends. Next day afternoon when i got up i saw a ping from the same guy that said "Hey" and without thinking i responded the same to that he replied "Is that all I'm gonna get from u a 'hey'?" and that's how it started. For the next few days we chatted for hours and got to know each other until i felt comfortable enough to share my number with him. Well now we talk n apparently he loves me.... and wants to date me.... i seriously love talking to him, he makes me happy makes me feel special.

Well i know how people think/talk about Internet relationships..... but honestly sometimes i wonder online guys cant be that bad... i told him that we would give this thing a shot but honestly it has blown my mind away. i just don't wanna get hurt again......but at the same time i want to see what this has in store for me. I heard this quote in a movie "Life is what happens when your planning it" maybe i should take a break and see what this guy has to offer me. With an open mind i think ill get into this relationship if it works out it would be the best but if does not i really would want to Punch him on his face hahahaha!!! ..... well that's it for now so long!!!

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