Monday, October 22, 2012

My Family!!!

Just wanted to do a quick post on my parents... Somehow lately i have been missing them a lot, i guess the cause of that could be the way i have been feeling lately. To be precise i have been super lost and confused lately and i know it deep down inside me that if my parents were here with me they would have solved all my queries and shown me the right path.
Daddy n Mum on their Wedding!!!

Who can fight with destiny i lost them in 2005, ever since then i have been on my own and overtime i found myself lost, all i had to do was close my eyes choose a path, always felt that they are right besides me in all my decision. I know its stupid but that's how i felt. Some how lately i cant get those visions i don't see my parents guiding me anymore. Now maybe i could be because i probably don't think like a teenager anymore LOL!! However that does not solve my problems, sometimes i just wish i could pick up the phone and call my dad up and talk to him, like many of my friends. That's when i realize that i don't have that option.
I miss them a lot, well i was only 16 when they passed away. Even after all these years there is just one wish i have, that has never changed, that's is for them to be besides me. I know i cant turn around time but i can just cherish the memories i have with them.
Our first Family Picture...Maa, Paa n Me (22nd September 1988)

Miss you Maa & Paa!!!


  1. Oye mera chocolate baby... Love ya..
    Dont forget you mum send me to make sure you dont miss her scoldin, to make sure you behave properly n take bath regularly... Lol n many more

    1. Although you posted an Anonymous comment....but i know RT its u:D love ya babe!!!